Worship is voluntary but compulsory

Selassie Osborn

Truth be told, God is not a Christian, Muslim or Traditionalist. He is God. That is what He is. Religion is an invention of man. God desires gratitude and faith even in the unknown and man terms it worship. Times are hard, everybody is busily chasing something and not the God that can make things happen.

Worship is voluntary and it’s a revelation of the way you choose to make your mind work. It’s a revelation of self. Deciding to worship is a personal choice.

If you create a thing for a particular purpose, and the thing refuses to live that purpose, there is no longer the need for the existence of the thing anymore.

Worship is not a feeling. You cannot decide to or not to worship. The Discerning and the Spirit led ought to worship when they ought to. They worship when they don’t even feel like doing that. They worship when they are not motivated to do so. They amazingly cast their crowns when they just must not.

People doubt the existence of God. Others believe he does exist but won’t worship him. 

Others also believe that portraying a certain social outlook is good or a proper lifestyle is enough. Whatever we think and believe forms our wisdom. Good wisdom must have a balance. Not overly skewed towards anything.

Maybe God doesn’t exist, but what if He does. We can’t afford to be victims to the unknown. For this is not true Wisdom. One of the cardinal reasons for the possession and use of wisdom is to prevent regrets. Wisdom is not to be used necessarily in acquiring houses, properties and assets. Remember wisdom is profitable to direct.

This old wisdom is still true that we sing to God like a mortgage payer. That has not changed. God always reminded the children of Israel of the past miracles and blessings so they remember they owe him worship. Wisdom proves that we worship because he first loved us. Worship then is not an obligation but a demonstration of Love. So therefore, he who does not love does not worship.

It’s OK if people praise you, but be careful to accept it. All you need to do is keep passing it on. That is called worship. This is the reason why Jesus Christ is more powerful than any man that ever walked the earth. He understood credit transfer.

The danger of success is when people ascribe it to your efforts and you accept it. 

People give reverence to God and think it’s worship. You can say God is great based on what you have come to know and not experienced. Moses wrote his first hit song after God crashed pharaoh and his armies in the red sea. The song just surfaced when Moses witnessed it before his very eyes. Worship is only possible through the knowledge of the one being worshiped. You cannot worship beyond what you know about the person. Your worship is limited to the knowledge you have about the person. You cannot worship what you don’t know. Remember, that experience is also a form of knowledge. It’s called experiential knowledge.

So sometimes the reason why we go through what we go through, is so that we can have a solid basis for worship. Just for him to introduce himself to you in a new way again. That’s why some church folks go like, you don’t know what I have been through that’s why I am singing and dancing the way I do. There is nothing wrong singing old songs during praises and worship. Doing that all the time is the problem. For the Bible says sing unto the lord a new song. It means sing new songs out of your new encounters and new experiences. God likes it. Remember it’s scriptural.

Apart from fine tuning your mind to see the reason to worship. Acquiring cognitive knowledge from God’s Word and personal experiences to aid you on to worship. You need to worship by faith and not lean on your own personal understanding. 

At this point, you do not have any bases to worship. All hope is lost. You have countless reasons not to. The flesh is even weak to support this agenda. But you want to do it anyway. The Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego moment of truth kind of worship. You have the choice to succumb or without any form of encouragement keep trusting and worshiping. 

Everybody is looking for God, when He hasn’t changed his location. He stays in the same old place called praises — for God inhabits the praises of his children.

Truth be told, not everyone qualifies to worship. Everybody can praise but not everyone can worship. Remember, let everything that has breath praise the lord but true worshipers must do in spirit and in truth.